Visual Design

Showcasing high end living spaces

„Suites am Tacheles“ is an outstanding real estate project that sets standards for high class inner city living.

Our goal was to reflect this state of the art architecture and interior design with a state of the art website. A clean and simple design with a focus on typography moves the stunning visualizations to the front. On top of that we created a set of icons that refer to shapes and elements of the interior or exterior design of the building.

Creating a visual identity

A mostly monochromatic color palette based on materials like concrete or charcoal reflects the modern and simplistic look of the apartments. Only one soft signal color - Light Timber - refers to the wood tones of the floors and optionally available furnishings.

The typographical system is based on only one font that is used for both headlines and body text.

Dm sans caps
DM Sans Regular Lorem Ipsum Dolor sit amet.

Page design

Five pages show all aspects and special features of the project. A clear and repeating structure gives orientation and makes all of the information easy to find and comprehend.

Every page includes a section that summarizes the key facts and provides several calls to action in order to generate as many leads as possible.