How to stage brilliant landscape architecture

Founded in 2013 by Paul Giencke & Marco Mattelig gm013 has grown to a 20 strong diverse team creating award

A lot to cover for one little landing page so we had some storytelling to do in order to make potential clients visualize their risk free journey through a risky market.

Logo Redesign & CI

We designed a new face for gm013 starting with a fresh and minimalist logo that would reflect the work of the landscape architecture studio.

With Inconsolata we stayed with a free font from Google that has the ability to stand out and give the company a recognizable appearance.

Headline Inconsolata Normal
Subheadline Inconsolata Normal
Table Heading Inconsolata Bold
Floating Text Inconsolata Normal

Project pages

For many of the projects we had stunning pictures to show the beauty of the places that gm013 created. So the main aim was to highlight them with a little bit of explanatory text, just like in a good magazine.

Since each project has a different story to tell the project pages were laid out individually.


Animations should be as minimalistic as the design. Nothing should distract from the beauty in the places that were created.

Creative hover animations reveal the informations needed on the home and about page. On the project pages fade and slide animations build up the magazine style layout.