UX/UI & Visual Identity

Finding a way from '95 to today

EnVita.one is a startup spun off SAmAs which is the leading software for occupational healthcare in German speaking Europe. SAmAs first entered the market in 1995 and has seen a lot of refinement and growth in terms of functionality since then.

The goal for EnVita.one was to find a concept that was ready for today's professional practice of occupational medicines while involving other participants of the process: employers and employees. Each of these user groups have their own application which communicates with the mother platform so data can be exchanged. And of course the whole interface had to be reinvented to make it ready for the 2020's.

The face for a startup with experience in medical software

Looking for a symbol that is recognizable at sight and reflects the act of taking care for employee's health and safety? Hmm...

The initial idea was the shape of a heart. Well, sometimes it's the most obvious things. Human eyes react to this shape immediately, no matter where they see it. It's the most common symbol for care and appreciation.

And - as we now know - it can be divided into an "E" and a "V", standing for EnVita. The "1" inside of the heart stands for that "one" in EnVita.one and can also be seen as a symbol for the person standing in the center of the whole process: the employee.


Corporate design

Not only the apps had to get a face but also the company EnVita.one. Since the heart shape was easily dividable into the initials of EnVita.one, we could play with that. The stethoscope worked both to connect the pretty long word mark and to symbolize the medical sector.

Also the colors refer to healthcare and medicine. We developed a typographical system that would work throughout the business communication and also inside of the applications.



Icons were an important part of the interface design in terms of intuitive usability and a touchable interface. Users of the former applications should be able to find easy access into the new ones. Sometimes it really was kind of a challenge to find a self explanatory symbol for functionalities that aren’t as  common as „print" or „save".

Product design

One of the main goals for the interface was to work touchable on all screen classes.

Starting with a master design for the dashboard we created a bunch of components that would be deployed throughout all the applications. By the time the range of functions grew the amount of components naturally grew with it.

User stories

The native applications of EnVita.one are sHealth for employees, sSafety for employers and sOne for occupational medicines. Of course the range of functions for sOne is biggest by far. From patient files to appointment administration, from result documentation to retrieving data from diagnostic tools - we developed solutions for countless use cases over the course of more than two years.